Monday, 23 February 2009

Old ideas

in days of old when I had hair, me an my mate Shane Oakley (go to his blog you'll love what he does with a marker) would come up with oodles of ideas and plots, and these sketches show a character we worked on, albeit too briefly. It was something we put to one side to work on later. Sadly we didn't come back to it but I've done some sketches of the main character today (when I was supposed to be working) and a strange old man. Ladies and gentlemen:Robbie Rockett


paulhd said...

and well worth revisiting! That second pic is excellent, lot's of life and character, I can almost see a full comic just from that one alone.
Resurrect it!

Dave said...

I second that, Paul....superb job (no matter when it was done), Gary. Can you send me you email address and I'll show you the other page I did this weekend too...


dribbs said...

cheers Paul. I'll have to talk to Shane when he's not so busy with deadlines, definitely a neat little idea.
Dave Thanks mate, These little sketches pass the time at a very tedious job.