Wednesday, 27 August 2008

work in progress

On the last post I showed some sketches of the western I'm working on for Accentuk, well here are the sketches laid down on page one ready to be inked, just to show how it all comes together.
I used to ink with pens and brushes, but was always too nervous about making a mistake. You can use white opaque but it was always too messy and with me there was always too much on the page.
So that's when I decided to ink on the computer.
Thank goodness for the delete button. No more mess. great!
At the moment I'm inking in illustrator, but I'm learning to use painter, and with the free rotate tool it's almost like inking in real paper.
It'll never replace the feeling I got when I was holding a finished piece of artwork, but I'm a lot less stressed on the finished look.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Western pencillin'

Where does all the time go, you leave a blog for a few weeks, and when you get back, its full a weeds and squatters.
Anyway, just to show you'll I'm still here I'm gonna show you some early sketches and pencils for the next epic Accentuk book I'm working on.
So sit back and enjoy, and I promise not to go away for so long next time.