Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A six month page

Got lots on (and I do mean lots) but my first priority is to Six Months.
Working like mad thing trying to get this episode/issue finished. Almost all of the pencils done (bugger just seen that I've got two full pages not even started yet) and I've started to ink 'em.

As you can see.
This is the first page of the chapter. I decided to raise the dead body slightly up the page which I think works better.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Inked and such.

I spend the whole of Friday working on this to get it inked and finished.
Think it turned out pretty good and more importantly the writer, Ken Thomas likes it,
so I dun did what I set out to do.
Got to get it all coloured and purty and the cover is done...
Just gotta start on the 22 pages inside, so we can say we got ourselves one of those fine and dandy, gen-u-ine funny books.
The pages are all laid out and waiting fer me to get stuck in...
And I'm chomping at the bit to start, it's just that I have other stuff that's higher on me to-do list.
Hopefully, fingers crossed I'll be able start next month...maybe...or June at the latest.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A well hung man.

A cover sketch of a 22 page comic I'm working on...
That's it, there's nothing else to see. I mean I'm working on a lot of things at at the mo, and it's very stressful, but today this is all I'm posting.