Thursday, 22 January 2009

mean g'rilla

Not much to say his week other than I'm cracking on with a 10 page strip for Insomnia comics. it's gonna appear in their anthology title. Not my usual fare, but what the hey I do like to try other stuff. I'll post some of the sketches I've done in a few days or so.
but for now, a little g'rilla sketch and yup, still using the markers.
see you on the flip side

Friday, 9 January 2009

Enough with grey tone already

Another sketch with those damned grey markers.
And the character, for those who don't recognise it, is Eric Powell's wonderful creation- the Goon.
This should be on everyone's "must read comics" list (along with Jack Staff).
In fact, it should be compulsory reading by everyone of all ages.
There should be a law passed that you have got read it.
Well maybe not...
but it is pretty terrific, and you are missing a real gem if'n you don't get out there and start reading it today.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

grey girl

I'm really liking these grey marker pens. Once again cheers Shane.

Friday, 2 January 2009

just a practicin'

My good friend Mon sewer Oakley presented me with a loverly little gift this chrimbo... a set of 5 twin tip letraset of grey markers. Crackin!
Anyway I thought I'd have ago at sketchin' with 'em.
So... a small sketch of the mighty iron man (grey version).

Thursday, 1 January 2009

A new year, some new stuff

Is it the 1st already? Bugger, where does all the time go.
anyway first things first...Happy new year and all that. ( I missed all the Christmas hullabaloo didn't I)
I hope everyone had a terrif holiday time and got all the prezzies they asked for.
Now I know what you're asking.. where the bloody hell have you been. No updates for a month, slapdash, is what it is. This is no way to run a blog, but in my defence I have been busy with drawing and writing. I'm finally moving on with Hard Country, the huge western I'm working on. I've started the pencils on issue 2 and I'm writing issue 3. I sold a strip to Boom studios, so I'm doing all the work on that. I've been approached to do a a strip for Insomnia studios for their Layer Zero anthology, touching up a strip for AccentUK's next anthology-predators and have written a zombie fairytale, so not exactly twiddling my thumbs. And thats not to mention the huge project I want to start later on in the year..A pulp action adventure that's for another time. As I (hopefully) finish all these projects I'll be posting little previews on here.
So, that's the plan anyway.
So a busy year ahead...
Wishing everyone a prosperous and exciting new year to you all and I'll see you later