Friday, 9 January 2009

Enough with grey tone already

Another sketch with those damned grey markers.
And the character, for those who don't recognise it, is Eric Powell's wonderful creation- the Goon.
This should be on everyone's "must read comics" list (along with Jack Staff).
In fact, it should be compulsory reading by everyone of all ages.
There should be a law passed that you have got read it.
Well maybe not...
but it is pretty terrific, and you are missing a real gem if'n you don't get out there and start reading it today.


shane oakley said...

personally, i can't get enough of those greys!
nice pic, but old goon needs more JAW!and let's have a franky, eh?

dribbs said...

Frankie's planned fer next week and possibly a few more treats