Saturday, 12 June 2010

A day trip

At a bit of a loose end today, feeling a bit sorry fer meself wot with it being me birthday and all, and my sons refering to me as old as trees, I decided to take a trip to Shrewsbury.
I knew Gary Young and Dave Hitchcock were doing a signing at Infinity and Beyond of their new book Madame Samurai, and I'd spoke to Dave a few days before saying I might make the trip to see him and give him my support, but waking up this morning in a mighty FUNK I almost decided not to go.
But I thought sod it old man, get out the house and go and see Dave, so off I set.
Me youngest driving (it was his car we took) and just over an hour later we landed in Shrewsbury.
Ten minute walk from the car park to the comic shop and their they were in all their glory.
And I gotta say it was well worth the trip. Meeting writer Gary Young (he wrote the screenplay to Harry Brown with Sir Michael Caine, don'tcha know) and publisher Shane Chebsey of Scar comics was great and it was terrif to talk to Dave again and seeing all that glorious artwork made me drool at the corners of me mouth.
I shall have a quiet weekend and digest every inch that is Madame Samurai. It looks stunning and I thoroughly recommend everyone buying a copy, not just cause Dave's a mate but because the book is the dog's danglies.
I think the only problem that I see with reading this book is that, I'm gonna have to wait until the second book is printed to find out what's going to happen.
But in the meantime I shall be feasting on the luverliness that Gary and Dave have produced.