Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hard Country detail

Some panels from the first Issue/22 page chapter of Hard Country fer y'll to gander.
Still working like a madman to get the first two chapters finished fer Chrimbo, especially now that I've got other stuff to work on (more on that soon).
I'll be showing more Hard Country stuff as I finish the pages.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

November already?

Hard Country page one (illustrator)
Hard country page one (Manga Studio)

I know, I know...not much posted recently....
And I've got no excuse really. Still doing bits and bobs, although I'm waiting for three scripts, including the fourth chapter of 6 Months.
I'm still halfway through me 4 page "fly tale", but I was getting a bit frustrated on one of the pages so I decided to put it away fer a bit and start work on the second chapter of Hard Country (me extra long western that I've bin working on ferever) .
Anway, finally typed up the working script from all the bits of notes and such, I'd got lying about, which meant I could start on the layouts to issue two.
I did 'em pretty quickly too, and they went well.
OK, I had to juggle and crop a few of the panels to get 'em to fit in the 22 page chapter, but overall I were pretty pleased with how they turned out.
Then I did the pencils, or to be more precise, the breakdowns, cause me plan was to do most of the drawing in Manga Studio when I'm actually inking the bloody thing.
And it was all going tikkety boo, until I noticed that the inking on chapter one (in Illustrator) didn't match the inking in chapter two (Manga Studio).
Not a big surprise really.
I couldn't leave it and I didn't want to ink in Illustrator any more so I did what any self respected obsessed artist would do...
I 'm inking chapter one again... in Manga Studio.
This'll be the fifth or sixth time I've done this bloody chapter, but I have to say it's the best so far.
So that's been me month.
There are one or two other things in the pipeline..more as they develop, but fer now, unless I get the script fer 6 Months soon or the other two scripts I'm waiting on, it's me working on Hard Country till chrimbo.
I'll defo get the two chapters finished and maybe get the third issues layouts done...
Which may see it done fer next year instead of 2012.