Wednesday, 21 October 2015

WESTERNoir Book 6 has bin delivered.

Book 6 of WESTERNoir has been delivered to Co-creator/co-writer Dave West's
house today and I can't wait ta see it.

Unfortunately I'll have to wait 'til next week as Dave and Colin (the AccentUK chaps)
will be at the MCM event in London's Excel, Royal Victoria Doc this weekend
for three whole days.

So if'n ya'll goin' ya'll be seein' it in it's glory afore me.

One of the little bonuses that Stuart Gould (AccentUK's printer) gets is that
he sees a lot of comics before anybody else, and he has given issue 6 his thumbs-up

We wanted it ready for Thought Bubble in November and it's great that
it's all done an' dusted earlier...
Only thing is, now I'll have ta crack on with Book 7 won't I?

So you folk that'll pick it up this weeknd I hope ya'll enjoy where Dave and I
are takin' Josiah Black...
That'll be all fer now pilgrims.