Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Convention time again...but not fer me.

AccentUK will be attending the next MCM event in London this weekend
 (24th, 25th and 26th of October).
Unfortunately I ain't goin' with them...
I've done a fair few coloured sketches that Colin and Dave will hand out
if'n you buy all four issues of WESTERNoir.
So if'n you are about and ya'll fancy a right purty sketch then just
tell 'em I sent ya.
They'll be right pleased ta see ya.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tales of WESTERNoir"

Well the first issue of "Tales of WESTERNoir" is at the printers.

                                                                            Art by me, colours by Matt Soffe
                                                                                and design by Andy Bloor ...

 It'll be launched at Though Bubble (15th-16th November) in Leeds.
Planning to have Book 5 of WESTERNoir, with the continuing tales of Josiah Black,
published early next year, just in time for the first Con of 2015.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tale of WESTERNoir

With the first "Tales of WESTERNoir" due to be printed for Thought Bubble (November 15-16) Dave decided it was time to sort out the second issue, to get the issue all ready, at least so we can print it some time next year.
Well it's all right for him, he'd already written his tale and I hadn't (way too many things to sort out).
He's even got an artist sorted who has promised to get the art completed by the end of the year.
So, as you can imagine there was a bit of pressure to get my story started at least...
Which I myself an idea of which character I wanted to use and just went for it...
Didn't really know how it would end...not like the first tale I wrote, I definitely knew how to end that one.
Anyway I work at it, slow and steady and, what do you know I finish it...
The ending just sort of worked it self out which I'm pleased with, because it fits with where we take the WESTERNoir series.
Dave's has found an artist to work with so I'm just waiting to see what he thinks and I can forget about it...until issue three.
Trying desperately to get Book 5 of WESTERNoir finished (and it's progressing really well) but there's just of a lot of other stuff going on that keeps interrupting the process...
It will be ready for the first convention next year I will promise you that.