Friday, 25 May 2012


2OMBIES went on sale at KaPow last weekend and it was a sell-out which is great news.
I'm rather pleased with my own little contribution HELLS NAZIS written by that talented bod, John Halfpenny.
We had a huge amount of fun working this tale out, so much so there is talk of bringing Sergeant X back.
I'd love to create a GORELORD's just the sort of comic Britain should be doing.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We have a winner.

For the release of WESTERNoir from AccentUK last weekend at KaPow I drew an A3 pencil drawing of the main character Josiah Black, with the intention of raffling it off over the weekend.
Everyone who purchased a copy of WESTENoir got a raffle ticket (those that purchased the special "sketch" copy got two tickets.)
Now, I only attended Saturday so I missed the actual draw on Sunday, but Dave West and Colin Mathieson assure me it went all above board (which means Dave didn't win).
I don't know who did win they haven't told me yet but I hope he likes his page of art.
The only problem now is that they want a different image for every convention they attend, because it was quite successful and a lot of books were shifted.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Promo stuff

Not an actual review but a plot outline in it with no spoilers.
It's cracking  almost campared with the likes of Peckinpah and Lansdale...sort of..
But I'm taking it if the comparison is offered.

Monday, 14 May 2012

We settled on this one.

After a bit of tooing and froing Jim O'Hara  (the writer) and I have decided to go with this cover.
Quite minimilistic but hopefully one that will get noticed,
Here it is in all it's glory...

Friday, 11 May 2012

Everything comes to those who wait.

I've been after this Art book from the extremely talented Alex Nino for near on 30 years. It came out at the same time as Bernie Wrightson's "A Look Back" and I could only afford one of them at the time, something like £35.
Lot a money way back when...
I've seen it for sale on bookstore sites for silly money, cheapest on at the moment is a little under $500, so you can understand my joy at recently buying it on Ebay for a whole lot less, in fact just over double what I would have original paid for it many moons ago.
I am indeed a lucky sod and completely cock-a-hoop delighted.

WESTERNoir: -First review