Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Enter the Asylum

So Dave West has launched AccentUK's first kickstarter which I've
tagged along to help him out.

It went live Tuesday May the 1st at around 6.30 PM
and as we almost finish the first day we've hit our target and then
some, so we're both well pleased.

It's a steampunk anthology that feature actual folk dressed in their steampunk
paraphernalia as their assigned characters and we've gone and written
some tales around them.
It's all great fun and the people so far are very flattered and rather pleased
on how it's all turned out.

And so are Dave and I, I might add.

So here's the link, have a look and if you fancy it, back it.
It's only a fiver after all, or a couple of quid for the PDF.