Monday, 30 December 2013

Last Post

Well the year is nearly done and I've finally managed to finish the art for WESTERNoir book 4.
It were touch an' go there fer a moment I kin tell ya.
All I gotta do now is wait on Dave West to get the edits for the lettering all sorted (spelling, grammar and such)  and the cover to be coloured by Matt Soffe: -
And then it's off ta the printers.
It 's been a busy old year: - two books done and the scripts for the next five sorted...
Managed to get to a couple of conventions (but missed a couple I really wanted to attend.
Those I attended I had loads of fun so I can't complain too much.
There was loads of interest on Josiah's exploits and we had some really excellent reviews.
Dave and I are well pleased on the favourable reactions of fans and we plan more of the same next year.
Also we're planning a "Tales of WESTERNoir" book which will be....hmmm now that would be telling, more on that book later.
Thank you for reading these rambling posts of mine (you know who you are people) and I hope you continue to follow these irregular (far too irregular in some cases) muses of mine next year.
Hope ya'll had a corker of a Christmas and wishin' ya all a Happy New Year.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thought Bubble

Both Colin and Dave have put up their thoughts on Thought Bubble.
Have a looksie at what they gotta say fer themselves.
It's all interesting stuff fer those that like to read these types of goings on.

Jest try not to be put off of me grinning like an idiot in a couple of the photos..