Monday, 17 August 2009

bin gone, but now I'm back

I didn't expect to be away from this 'ere blog fer so long, but I was hit (well not me, my PC) with all manner of nasty viruses and trojans that I had to finally relent and re-format. What a pig of a job. Trying to find the discs to all those lovely little programs I had before.
Anyway I'm finally sure that it's safe to log on to all me bits and bobs so, here I am.
Last post was anouncing the start of "Cousin of Death" with Sam Costello, and nowI'm saying that it's finished. Yup folks the complete tale is on Sam's website "Split Lip" in all its glory.
I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.
I "toned" (sorry about that) down the greys and I think it worked fer the better.
The page above is from "Cousin of Death".
I finished the first pat of John Halfpenny's "HELL'S NAZIS".
Working out the layouts to the second part.
Wrote a couple of short stories, but not for me to illustrate. No, I wanted to see if'n I could write for other people.
And started a big, big project for Insomnia Publications. A 132 page graphic novel written by a very talented writer name of Jim O'hara.
It's called "6 Months" and it's a corker! It'll be me main project fer awhile at least.
I'm doing all the art and the lettering, and trust me there's a lot of lettering in the first book.
So that's it fer the moment.
Instant update.
There's a couple of other things going on, but as they're a bit in the future, they'll be anounced later.