Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We have a winner.

For the release of WESTERNoir from AccentUK last weekend at KaPow I drew an A3 pencil drawing of the main character Josiah Black, with the intention of raffling it off over the weekend.
Everyone who purchased a copy of WESTENoir got a raffle ticket (those that purchased the special "sketch" copy got two tickets.)
Now, I only attended Saturday so I missed the actual draw on Sunday, but Dave West and Colin Mathieson assure me it went all above board (which means Dave didn't win).
I don't know who did win they haven't told me yet but I hope he likes his page of art.
The only problem now is that they want a different image for every convention they attend, because it was quite successful and a lot of books were shifted.

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Dave West said...

Colin wouldn't let me enter .. Joel Meadows drew the ticket ... nothing I could do to fix it so that I won ... damn ... we phoned the lucky winner and he was made up ... he's based in Manchester and will be picking it up in Traveling Man .. hmm .. I know his name ... a fake beard and it could yet be mine ... bwa ... bwaha ... bwahahaha