Saturday, 7 February 2009

working on a comic strip part 2

So like I said in the last post, I've received the script, read it, done some layouts and some panel studies. I thought I'd show you good folks just what I mean.
Top image is the the page of script, written by Steven Stone. He has sweated and agonised over this story and now he gives it to me, and I have to come up some images that'll do his story justice.
2nd image is the layouts-a very (and I do mean very) rough idea of how the page will eventually look (I hope).
Now the next 4 images are the panel studies where I'm trying to work out how the characters are behaving. I try to get the anatomy right and to give it some movement.
The reason there is so many is that certain things might not look right so, I'll have another go. The record, if anybody's interested, for a single panel is about 10 versions.
So the next image is me happy (more or less) with what I've got and so I'll light box the sketches on to the actual page. I tighten up the pencils, correct any mistakes and add any background that's needed.
The final image is the completed page. It shows just where the panel fits in relation with the rest of the story.
You have to aware that I'll do that with every panel. (aren't I an arse!)
And there you have it- a full blown comic page.
Next I'll ink it and then letter it, but that's a tale for another day.


jhp said...

Thanks for posting that, Gary. It's cool to see the evolution process from worded script to artwork!

dribbs said...

cheers, I'm a big fan of seeing how artists plan and structure, so I thought I'd have ago, luckily there were loads of sketches to choose from.