Sunday, 1 February 2009

Working on comic strip part 1

So I'm working on a 10 page story for Insomnia publications' Anthology title- Layer Zero;Choices.
I've received the script, read it a couple of times, seen where I can have fun with the panels and seen where I have to do "the boring bits, i.e. the bits that move the story along but are not as fun to draw, e.g. talking heads shots.
I break it down into layouts one page per page of script, very fast, very rough, just to basically give me some ideas of the flow and placement of the panels. Sometimes these layouts make the final page, sometimes not, depending if I can think up a better angle.
Comics are a visual media so the more exciting you can make it, the better.
From the layouts I go on to draw some studies. These will be a panel at a time, just so I can get the anatomy about right and the shadows, then when I'm happy with the studies I'll light box it onto the comic page.
I used to skip this process and work straight on the page, but I'm made that many mistakes or got so much of the drawing wrong, I was forever rubbing out the pencils and putting dirty great holes in the paper. So I do it this way on cheap photocopy paper and I save a fortune on expensive thick paper.
You can see the examples of what I've done so far... There are a couple of layout pages and some studies.
Next time I'll show you some detail of how I work on the studies and finally some of the actual pencils.


Dave said...

Love to see this type of prep work Gary. This just goes to show the amount of work in the thought process alone, never mind the work behind creating one of the finished pages. Looking forward to seeing more dead things;)

dribbs said...

Cheers Dave, working on this 10 pager first, gotta get the bugger finished for the end of March, but I'm working on something with loads of dead things next.