Tuesday, 3 March 2009

into the woods

I'm still beavering away on the 10 page strip for Insomnia publications. Their deadline is the end of the month. so hopefully I'll meet that. All the primary inking is done, the lettering is done, just "toning it all up" now.
But I haven't forgot you lot with a odd sketch, (once again, done at work when no one was looking). it's not much, there'll be more later.


jhp said...

It's a small victory when you get a sneaky few minutes at work. Like the sketch.

dribbs said...

It's all the small victories that get you through the day.
I'm pleased with the sketch meself.
I'm always a bit surprised when I start one of these things and they turn out Ok, 'cause normally when I stare at a blank piece of paper I haven't a clue what I'm gonna draw.
But I guess that's the appeal of being a cartoonist.