Saturday, 7 March 2009

done and dusted

Hurrah, finished the strip for insomnia at last, it took a little longer than I planned, but I learned a new technique (thanks Matt) so it wasn't too bad.
I can't rest on me hands though, cause it's straight onto something else.
This one's an old one, redoing it to send to a horror mag I discovered that is (a rarity) looking for submissions.
It shouldn't take too long though as most of the work has been done, (famous last words).

However still doing some sneaky sketches, and still using these great Promarker pens from Letraset. Just wish I had the kahonies to do a full comic with these on real paper and not have to ink digitally. Oh well, one day perhaps, when me inking skills are a lot better than they are now.
It's just that the delete button makes things so much easier and neater.

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