Sunday, 8 March 2009

A little colour

A bit of spare time on me hands, not much, just enough time to do some boring stuff on the net, pay bills, check bank balance that sort of thing when I decided to have looksee at me old mate Matt Brooker's web site (there is a link and I thoroughly recommend you spend some time there, he's a crackin' artist and all round good egg).
Now he's been doing this digital drawing malarky for a while and what he doesn't now about it, well it's probably a lot.. but still he knows quite a bit, including the odd tutorial on c0louring in photoshop.
Now I haven't take the leap into digital colouring, hell I'm only getting used to using tone in me strips, but I thought I'd have a quick go.
Got a sketch of the Hulk that I did a few days ado, bish, bash bosh and here you go.
Probably over worked it but still not bad, (not that you can mess the Hulk up too bad, what, with him being all green and all.
I have another go later, something less green and see how that turns out.


Dave said...

I'm green with envy with this post, Gary. I long to be in a position where I could add colour in photoshop, but I just can't get the basics in my head. It's still coloured pencils for me. Ideally, I'd like to apply a wash colour on my stuff, but one that is not too time consuming. I didn't get the link you sent, best to just email me direct.



dribbs said...

I know how you feel about photoshop and the whole colouring thing, Dave but I went on Matt Brooker's blog and he's done a neat little video tutorial that even I can follow.