Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Explorer and the pig.

I was reading Mike Mignola's excellent book " Mr Screw on Head and other stories" the other day.
A fantastic read and I thoroughly recommend it to one and all.
Anyway, y'all know I'm bogged down with all these huge projects that take up a vast amount of time to finish, well after reading Mr Mignola's book I decided that I want to do a small story that's just a bit of fun.
Nothing serious, nothing deep,
Something that's got a real clean cartoony look, so I came up with a 3 page short called the "Explorer and the Pig".
It's all been all sketched out and I'm just about to start inking it and really I don't want it to take any longer than a week to do.
My plan is to colour it, very simply and then post it on here so y'all can have a read.
So we'll see how it all goes.
Obviously the two sketches are of the Explorere and the Pig. I let you work out which is which.

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