Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 has left the building

So 2010...
It's all over bar the drinkin'.
Didn't have as much in print as I'd liked, although I did pencil a newspaper strip for a whole year over at the the Birmingham Mail (see link..blah blah) and I was interviewed, again for the Birmingham Mail.
So not too bad I suppose.
Had a few bits and bobs pop up but nothing major.
Mostly the year was taken up with me working on two huge graphic Novels-
6 Months and Hard Country.
And I'm about halfway through both of 'em.
So what's to come next year...
Well hopefully there'll be the two graphic novels of course and there'll be two AccentUK books out in 2011 and I'm in both of them. I'm drawing a couple of short stories that I hope I can place, I've done all the layouts to the Death Race comic by Bluewater Comics, that I'm hoping is out next year.
Plus a couple of projects that I'm trying to finalise. So it'll be a busy year then.
I also plan to go more conventions and actually spend some time with old friends that I haven't seen in a while.
And I'll try to post more on this here blog thingie, even if'n it's just the odd sketch.
So as a teaser, above are bits from the strips I hope to come out next year.
and on that note...
2010, I bid you adieu.


John H said...

Happy new year! Looking forward to finishing this thing I'm on with for you to look at. It's good. ;)

Mark Buckingham said...

Happy New Year Gary!
All these panels look fabulous! I can't wait to see the finished strips as the year unfolds!

shane oakley said...

considering you have a day job and a social life, it's amazing the amount of pages you got done, and such fine pages they are.

here's to a bigger and brighter year than last, hope it bears nothing but rich fruit.
ps;what's the rhino from?

Gary Crutchley said...

Thanks for all the encouragement folks, it really means a lot.
I plan to be more positive and productive in 2011.
I got a bit lazy towards the latter half of 2010, letting things remain unfinished, so heres to finishing more strips and stories and actually sending them out to publishers.