Monday, 6 December 2010

The Explorer and the pig. First page.

So here's the first page inked.
Not much detail cuz I didn't want to smother the colours when (or indeed if) I colour 'em.
A bit of detail the pig's name is Craig...but it's not intregal to the story, in fact the explorer just calls him "pig".


Mark Buckingham said...

Looks good Gary!

Is Pig by any chance inspired by my Fables piggies?
( he looks a bit like Dun)

You are doing great work on all you current projects!

John H said...

Hah! Can't wait to see this! It stands up well as a caption competition nevermind a comic!

Roland said...

Hi Gary. Great stuff on your blog. Really like your page layouts and characterisations.

Thanks for the feedback btw

Mark Buckingham said...

Any more pages done?
I'd love to see more!
Hope you have a great Christmas!

Gary Crutchley said...

Thanks chaps.

I wanted a pig, slightly cartoony but with very animated expressions and when I was using reference I just couldn't get the right mix. Then I remembered your head shots of the three pigs in the Modern Masters book and it was just the ticket.
Hope you don't mind, mate.
And don't worry I'll be posting the other two pages shortly. My plan is to colour them, so I'm swotting up in photoshop to learn how to do it.
You and Irma have a terrif Chrimbo. And I hope ya don't get stuck in this "loverly" snow when you visit ya parents.
Hopefully we can meet up next year and have a drink.

Cheers John. it's all done just gotta colour it. I hope it inspires you to write some stonkin silliness fer me to illustrate.

Thanks very much.
And I'll be popping over to your blogs fairly frequently to see all your visual lovliness.

Mark Buckingham said...

Of course I don't mind!
Flattered to know that my doodles helped you!

We made it back to the UK fine and had a lovely Christmas with my family.

Hope you are having a great festive holiday.