Sunday, 2 December 2012

WESTERNoir Book 3 cover

So book 2 is done and dusted, printed and on sale at Which means it's time to
start on book 3.
Script is mostly done, needs a bit of tweaking on Dave's part but I've
worked out the pacing and such and decided to start on the cover.

Did some sketches and then showed them to Dave and we discussed the pros and cons of each image
and finally settled on this one: -
So it's pencilled and next I'll put into Manga Studio and start inking it..
It'll be tweaked here and there...I'll probably reduce the mermaids slightly
and when I'm happy with it, send it off to Matt Soffe, who'll colour it.
He did such a cracking job on Book 2 that we definitely wanted him to carry on with us
if'n he was up or it.
And I'm pleased to say he is...
So now the next step is inking it...Which hopefully will be next week.
Actually might do abit of a "How I work" the cover being inked at various stages
and why I choose a certain way to do things.
Until next time...

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