Sunday, 9 December 2012

A little something to while away the time.

Not that I've got much spare time of late...
Got graphic novels coming out of me ears and of course, there's WESTERNoir,
but doing a few shorts and this is a page from one of them.
It's called "The Job". Written by Mark Cowling for "Dead Roots"
a zombie anthology.
Issue 1 is out now and you can find all about it here.

It's really is taking a bit too long to finish,but hopefully it will be done and dusted very very soon.


shane oakley said...

Nice! Specially those top two panels.

PS: Your link is not 'alive'.

Gary Crutchley said...

Cheers, mate.
Yea, I know about the link...don't know why it's not live though. too technicall for me old brain to figure out.