Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spirit of Hope

Scrappy pencils done in a hurry.

I got involved in doing a four page strip for an anthology comic published via the COMIC BOOK ALLIANCE. It's a charity gig done for the victims of the recent Earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand.
There is a tight deadline on this...the 2nd of April or so I'm told so not much time really.
My very good friend Paul Birch wrote this little tale, I pencilled it, Mats Engesten (an outstanding artist in his own right) is inking as I type this post John Robbins is lettering it (it's just like old times when I was pencilling Carter's Column) and it's being coloured by Yel Zamor. Now, I haven't worked with her before, but I've gotta say, the pages I've seen so far are terrific.
These three have done an outstanding job of making my meagre pencils shine.
Hats off to the three of you...and fer Paul for coming up with such a crackin' tale.
And the fact that we've squeezed an 8 page tale into four is something to shout about.

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