Sunday, 13 March 2011

Abe Lincoln V Kris Kringle.

I've been asked to be the artist on a new 5 part series; Abe Lincoln Vs Kris Kringle.
Yea I know, when I first read the idea, I thought what the...??
I didn't give an answer straight away, not because I didn't like the idea, but because of the commitments I've got. So the writer asked, while I was making my my mind up, if I'd mind doing a 1 page illo, so he he could show it around Wonder Con in April (1st-3rd).

So I said sure, and did a few sketches, as you do, until I settled on the one I liked.
Then I Inked the two major characters.
So far so good.
Liked how it was going.
The writer, Ken Thomas wanted union solders in the background, so on another layer I drew the soldiers above.
And he wanted Elves, so I drew a bunch of elves looking decidedly scared and nervous.
The I did a forground with all the toys being tossed about.
Well, you can't have Santa's grotto without toys and prezzies.
So I put it all together, and it came out Ok. Of course a lot of what I'd drawn was hidden behind characters, but that couldn't be helped.
Next I drew the backgound...
and added a bit of tone and highlights...
...and voila..
One illo.
Ken likes it... I like it (which is unusual, cuz I'm not usually happy with me stuff)
And it'll be shown around Wonder-Con.
Job done.


Mark Buckingham said...

This looks great Gary!
I particularly like your leaping Lincoln and all those toysflying around in the foreground.

shane oakley said...

that's MAD!!
not just the idea for the comic, but your working method.
though tis the kind of madness that bears rich fruit - corking image!

Roland said...

Haha - crazy. Good job nice illo

Gary Crutchley said...

well you gotta be crazy to want to work in comics fer a start, so it looks like I'm well suited.