Sunday, 3 October 2010

A minor distraction.

Ok, Ok I haven't posted fer a while, but I have been a bit busy, honest.
So the third issue/part of Six Months is done and dusted, but you knew that, cuz you all read the last posting.... You did read the last post didn't you?
Anyway, while I'm waiting for Jim to finish the script of part 4, I thought I'd spend some time on one or two other projects that I've got waiting in the wings.
And this short story is one such project.
A little four page tale of survival that was actually written for Insomnia's latest anthology book.
However it was to late, I missed the deadline and so it remained in limbo...fer a bit.
But cuz I've got a bit this "spare" time, I thought I'd have ago of drawing it.
It was originally from an idea, written by my mate John Halfpenny, as a single page horror tale.
But I like the idea so much I stretched it to 4 pages, mainly so I could do this big "reveal" on page 3..
So it's not finished, work in progress and all that, but I thought I give a sneak peak of how I do me art.
So these are the first 2 pages and I hope you like 'em.
There is the possibility of it finding a home when it's done...but we'll have to wait and see.


John H said...

Hey up! I forgot all about this!

Gary Crutchley said...

I hope to finish it soon, John.
And I've worked out the layouts and stuff to "SIDES" as well.
Hopefully when I get a longer break I'll crack on with that.