Saturday, 18 September 2010

6 MONTHS, issue three, inked

Here are 6 pages from the now inked and finished part 3 of 6 Months.
Not too much to say about 'em art wise, other than I enjoyed working with all the tone.
Inked in Illustrator, but I think when I finshed all the 6 parts I'll probably use Manga Studio fer anything else. The lack of a rotate tool in Illustrator really knackers me wrist.

So I hope you'all like what you see.


Andy Bloor said...

Look bloody brilliant Gary! This simply must find a home with a new publisher or there's no justice in the world... outstanding work.

shane oakley said...


am really, REALLY impressed!

such attention to detail without seeming overworked and cluttered; clear bold storytelling and swooping cinematic drama in those angles. and you've become so good at placing the grey, making it work with the drawing rather than just for decoration or 'filling-in'.
pour yourself a JD and feel well chuffed.

Gary Crutchley said...

Cheers Boys.
I did enjoy all a that tone work, especially cuz it worked out so well.