Sunday, 21 February 2010

Stretchin' things a bit far.

You know when you get an image stuck in your head and you just have to draw it, well this is one such drawing


shane oakley said...

seems the mouldy cheese is doing it's job.
disturbed and gruesome - like it!

though, to be picky, it's a little too similar to the drawing posted on the 10Th.

really dig that 'hammer vamp'.

like see you do summat with a china-graph pencil and textured paper, or summat quicker, more sketchy.

and the return of GRISTLE GRINDER and GORE GALORE would be nice, and how bout THE SHADOW, or jack kirby's DEMON, or some classic crutchley back-road cannibal hellbillies or or or or or...

paulhd said...

You gonna have to go far to beat the guy puking tentacles, but this one's close.

Gary Crutchley said...

Cheers chaps it makes it all worth while knowing that folks out there, appreciate 'em.
Won't be doing china-graph pencil or textured paper Shane and I'll explain why when I see ya fer cake.