Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day 28

The last Day.
I started this cuz I had very little motivation for the projects I was involved with.
Oh I'm not talking about the material itself just that I've got some many projects on the go the sheer scale was wearing me down.
So I decided to do one sketch a day for a month to pull me out of me funk and lo and behold 28 days later it's kinda worked.
I'm mostly happy with what I've presented this last month, one or two I'm thinking "where the hell did that come from" a couple scared the shit out of Karen and she still can't look at them.
One had a physically reaction from me when I was drawing it.
But it's all done and dusted and yea, I think I did OK.
I've still got loads on, but I'm handling it Ok so in that way this whole process worked.
I hope you lot enjoyed the ride, I'm sure you've all got your favs, I know I have.
I don't know if'n I'll do another one of these for a while, but you never know, maybe make it an annual event.
The last image...
I didn't have a clue what each drawing was gonna be at the beginning of the day. I just started each one around the eye area and let 'em develop. However halfway through Feb I decided I wanted the last image to have a zombie in it.
I started on a typical image, full body shot, that sort of thing, but although it came out alright it wasn't what I really wanted, so I tried again with an idea of a victim looking up at the surrounding dead...It worked...kind off, I tried again and bought the image in tighter and whatya know third time lucky and here it is.
I like it and I hope you folks do too.
And that's all I've got to say on the matter.
It'll be back to the irregular postings about the strips I'm working on and Carter's Column.
bye fer now, I'm off to work on a strip with mutants in.


John H said...

Change is as good as a rest.

It's been cool to have a daily sketch this last month, a bit like when I used to read Garth in me dad's paper. I like this last image, a good ending where somebody's woke up on a hospital operating table and this lot are holding the tools.

Gary Crutchley said...

I enjoyed the process of a sketch a day, and I was, mostly surprised by the finished image. I certainly didn't plan any of the subject matter, apart from the last 'un.
So thanks John, it means a lot.
Whether I do another one of these, I don't know, but who knows.

shane oakley said...

lo, gary. brave, creepy as hell pic - a real stunner to sign off with. inked and coloured up this would make a bloody brill cover.

enjoyed visiting every day, and impressed with the level of invention and that classic crutchley taste for the twisted and macabre.

now what i'd REALLY like to see is john write you a story that includes all these monstrosities - easy!

Mark Buckingham said...

Really enjoyed looking at your month of sketches, Gary!
This last one is a fabulous way to end. Great composition!

Gary Crutchley said...

Cheers Shane. I'm thinking about inking a couple of me faves, but not just yet...too much on.

Thank you, Mark. It means a lot that people enjoyed me little doodling.

David said...

They were all great, Gary, a good dose of the macabre on a daily basis never did anyone any harm. Those zoms are not lokking down on you are they? collapsed with pencil in hand...what a way to go!