Saturday, 10 October 2009

Still Enthused

Well, it's been a week since BICs (Birmingham comic etc etc) and I'm still on a high.
Had such a good time there, meeting up with old friends and seeing what everyone is up too.
Finally met up with John halfpenny, after months of posting on each others's blogs.
What a top bloke he is, and a crackin' writer. I may have mentioned before that I've worked with him on a couple of strips, (I can't's an age thing,,senility and all that), The Master Cracksman for AccentUK, Hell's Nazi's and a hopefully a third one he's written for Insomnia, but that's way off in the future.
Bought loads of Small Press books, which didn't half weight a ton.
The quality of these "small press" books are amazing, and far out shine the majority of what the big companies are producing these days.
Everything on me list I got and I'm slowly devouring every word. One ar two are a bit dissappointing, not living up to the hype, but most are outstanding. Garen Ewing's Rainbow Orchard is fantastic, and so is Bryan Talbot's Grandville.
I'm looking forward to reading Dave West and Marleen Lowe's Whatever Happenened to the world's fastest man. I'v heard good things about it.
Marleen was at BIC's on saturday and she was gracious enough to sign my copy...along with Dave of course.
So as you can see, thouroughly enjoyed meself.
Only problem was, I ran out of time. There were loads of other things I wanted to do but didn't.
I wanted to catch up with my old mates Paul (Birch) and Mark (Buckingham).
Next year I gonna book the week off work so I can experience the whole weekend.
One thing's fer sure, seeing all these creative people doing what they love has inspired me even more to get loads more stuff out there, whether I'm writing and drawing me own stuff, drawing other people's stuff or, (something new I'm trying and it's quite scary), writing fer other artists.
I've really got the bug now and I'm seriously looking into going Thought Bubble in Leeds.
So hopefully there'll be loads of stuff to blog about.
I've just got to get on me fat arse and actually type this stuff out.


Andy Bloor said...

Pleauure to meet you again Gary and pleased you seemed to have had such a good time! Enjoy your books... let us know what you think of them (the Accent UK ones of course) :-)

Gary Crutchley said...

Great to see you too Andy, and a pleasant surprise to find that you live so close. What a small world.
Must plan a meet up and get Shane to come too.

John H said...

P'shaw! You do me too much honour, Sir! It was great to meet you, Gary- all the artwork you showed me was brilliant.

I looked at the Leeds thing but I'll be a mess in various Polish pub basements that weekend. You shall have to report back if you go.

Andy Bloor said...

'Tis indeed a small world, a get together seems very cool, will send you an email too. Loving the Hells Nazi's page btw, very strong!

paulhd said...

If you get to Leeds, I'll be sure to say a hearty hello!