Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Spare time! wot spare time.

Still working hard on "6 MONTHS" and "HELL'S NAZI's", but still got a bit of time to sketch a few doodles.
Hopefully I'll finally finish the pencils to 6 MONTHS very soon, so it'll be a mad rush to get the bugger inked.


shane oakley said...

liking the vampire guy and the cross-hatching. keep squeezing those sketches in(or out).

John H said...

The lady reminds me of Adrienne Barbeau from the films of my youth. Probably because of well, y'know... Anyway, liking the vamp :)

Dave said...

Looking forward to seeing some more pages from your projects soon,Gary so you are correct... there's no spare time! Thanks for checking out the trailer I was pretty excited when I saw it myself---it looks great on this 'ere blog, but larger it make my stuff look rushed (which it is of course;)