Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Just Multi taskin'

I'm beavering away on Sam Costello's script "The Cousin of Death", working out the layouts and loads of sketches that I'll light box on the page, but I've been drawn (sorry about that) to John Halfpenny's 2 pager the Master Cracksman and I've also been doing some sketches for that.
Above is a sketch for the main character that John likes which is always a good thing.
Get the writer on your side- rule no 1.
Anyway I've been working out the panels andI pleased to say that I've nailed it now (fingers crossed).
So the next few days I'll lightbox the sketches on to the comic pages and bingo, jobs a good'un.
Don't expect me to show too much on this, as there's only 10 panels and I certainly don't want to spoil anything.
It's for AccentUk's Victoriana book, so a good way off yet, but it's John's first accepted comic work which is great.


shane oakley said...

dribbs - that was a CLASSIC!!!
you should re-read what you wrote, half or more is you COMPLETELY misunderstanding or missing-the-point, or you going a little nuts/paranoid.

and, technically it was 3 posts.

..you can certainly teach me a thing or two...classic.

John Halfpenny said...

Funny I thought I'd got the artist on *my* side. Ah whichever, suppose it works the same in the end.

Can't wait to see it.

Gary Crutchley said...

Expect something, this weekend, John.
Definitely one page, possibly two.

John said...

I'll keep my laptop at the ready in the bathroom with me while I decorate! My first story. Excellent.