Tuesday, 9 September 2008

some older stuff

A couple of older pages to show. I'm working towards Accentuk's deadline so nothing new to show yet. The hard country strip was co- written by a cracking mate of mine, Andrew Elliott, who used to dabble in the wacky world of comics, but gave it all up for a stable nine to five job. (Comics loss). I will hopefully finish it one day, I'm halfway through it, got about 35 pages done, but I keep getting side tracked. The Lure page was a short I did years ago. I even sold it, but the book it was going to appear in folded, ah well the joys and disappointments of the comic business.
Maybe one day I'll get all my short stories together and print them in a one off special.
Anyway I'm off to me drawing board to finish off me other western strip.
bye fer now


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cool work !!!

dribbs said...

thank you Andrew, I had fun with the tone. It was my first bit of experimenting with it, and it didn't come out too shabby.