Friday, 19 September 2008

bloody scanners.

So, I've got this deadline for the western book for AccentUk. All the pages, well the majority of pages are pencilled, and I scan them in. The first four pages scan in perfectly, no problem, hence page 1 all inked up, then disaster. There's a bloody great black line down the middle of the page. Can't seem to shift it, so there's no alternative but to buy a new one. I trawl around the net and decide I may as well get an A3 scanner. I had an all- in- one A4 size scanner/printer, I'd scan in the two halves of a page, then I'd stitch the artwork together in photoshop. Matt Brooker has an excellent tutorial on how to do this, I've been following his wonderful advice for years.
So I find one that I think will do, and one that I can afford, they don't come cheap these things. Order it and wait... a week later it arrives, so I can get on with the strip, but more disaster, it arrives broken. bugger. So I pack it all back up, send it back and wait for the replacement. Two days later it arrives and it's great. got all the pages scanned in and now I, working every hour I can to catch up.
So that's my scanner sorted, now I just hope I can get this strip finished in time.
And here are some sketches for this western strip of mine.
now back to the drawing board.

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paulhd said...

Looking good Dribbs, be interesting to compare the pencil art with the computer inked version.