Monday, 25 November 2013

Though Bubble 2013

Managed to get to Thought Bubble in Leeds for Saturday only, after much ooohing and aaarhing...
and I gotta say I had a really terrific time.
Nothing like seeing friends you haven't seen in ages to brighten up a persons day.
Terrific seeing Mark Buckingham, Irma Page, Matt Brooker, GM Jordan,  after such a long time.
And cracking to meet
Rowland Bird in person at last . We worked together on Mel Smith's Death Race comic 
Also, grand standing by AccentUK table and finding folk eager to talk about WESTERNoir and better yet wanting to buy. Copies seem to fly off the table.Loads of folk genuinely interested in where Dave and I are take Josiah Black. Fact was we so busy with signing and selling I couldn't get to see everyone I wanted to.

I only managed a quick look around the three halls and I only bought a few books. 
There were a few titles I wanted to buy from Titan comics but they didn't have them for sale which was a pity.
But fer all that It was a real corker of a Day.
Only one downside and that was I couldn't stay for both days: but I've only got meself to blame for that, with all me procrastinating.
It was completely different from Comica where I went three weeks before... 

More of yer actual comic buying geeks at Thought Bubble.
One thing though, not as many cosplayers in attendance...Oh they were there Ok
but not as many as say the big MCM shows that I've been.
I always promise meself that I'll take loads of photos and I never do...
I think I managed to take two...and one of them is of some poor woman being blinded
by the flash of me camera.
But definitely going again next year and for two days next time...
Come what may.


Colin M said...

Cheers Gary, your company was much appreciated and your sales skills missed on the Sunday - mind you it meant that we got more cake to ourselves!

Gary Crutchley said...

Really enjoyed it Colin, glad to be of help...Defo for two days next time.

Dave West said...

Yep... Thanks Gary ... you and Jemma were a great team working the table, allowing me and Colin to wander, although if you read his blog it sounds like he didn't get enough wandering time, so maybe it'd be best if you do the 2days next year :o)