Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Plans, plots and ideas.

Spent the last few days thinking about Josiah Black after Book 8 (I like to think well ahead).We did say we would end it around this issue but I've had some ideas on where to take Black if we carry on.
Planning to talk to Dave next week in a pub and have a loooong chat about the future of good ole Josiah.
To let you know where we are:- well into the art on Book 4 and the cover is all inked up, I show ya all a sneak preview soon., Dave and I have almost nailed the script on Book 5, working out plot, pacing and ideas for Book 6. And got ideas for Books 7&8. Well, when I say ideas: we know how it sort of wraps up we just need to sort out all the details, so we are cracking on ahead.
I'd like to bring out the issues on a more regular basis, but it does take about 5 Months from sitting down with Dave to discuss what's gonna happen in an issue to our good friend Andy Bloor (catch him here on his blog where he'll show ya all sorts of crackin' art creating the PDF to send to the printers.
Least ya get a little bit more with 40 pages.
Bye fer now.

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