Saturday, 20 October 2012


A necessary evil I suppose...
 Book 2 of WESTERNoir is finished (bar the edits, spelling mistakes, grammar that sort of thing)
 I actually wanted to finish it end of September but alas it wasn't to be...
3 weeks overdue...
Lucky it was a deadline I set myself and hopefully it'll all be printed in time for next month's
Thought Bubble.
So latest news is...
 Had a bit of a mini editorial last night.
Met with Dave West (the writer) to talk some AccentUk stuff and WESTERNoir stuff.
It was the first time Dave had seen the completed Book 2...And I think he liked it.

We also discussed where we can take old Josiah...

We discussed up to book 8....(yea I know long way off, at least 3 years away but you gotta have plans in place).
And we are certainly gonna put Mr Black through the ringer (as they say).
He's up fer some tough times ahead of him.

So just putting all the pages in Dropbox to send it to the magnificent Andy Bloor to work his Designer skills on it...
And then on to book 3.
Oh that reminds me.
Better start working on the cover.
No rest for the artist is there.

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