Saturday, 18 February 2012

Josiah Black.

Met Dave West and Andy Bloor, the creators of Josiah Black at a local pub for an editorial and catch up of the first Josiah Black tale.
Over a bit to eat we talked all things Black to find out where we're taking the character...
And we've decided to take him to some pretty strange places.
I had some ideas I'd written down, some sketches, pencilled art and finished inked art (on me Ipad, isn't modern technology wonderful) that I'd taken, and the guys were pretty impressed with what they saw.
And now they've seen the inked pages I'm showing you guys out there the first three inked pages...well
it's only fair as you've already seen the pencilled pages.
Hope you like ;em as much as Dave and Andy did.


Dave West said...

A great evening it was Gary ... I love the artwork and the ideas that stretched our original concept and is taking it further and darker ... gerat stuff.

Dave West said...

hmmm .. not sure what 'gerat stuff' is ... but I know what 'great stuff' is .. and your artwork is definitely the latter ..

Andy Bloor said...

I agree with Dave, even though I'm not involved with the book it's great to be asked to see it all come together, and what I saw was stunning work.

Gary Crutchley said...

Cheers Boys, many thanks fer the kind words. And Andy, of course you're involved in this book...You were instumental in creating the character, so like it or not mate, yer names' in the book.