Sunday, 1 May 2011

Death Race update

Well I finally finished the layouts to the 3 issue Death Race comic being published by Bluewater Productions.
I haven't seen any of the finished pencils by the artist Mel Smith (I think he's still plowing ahead with them) so I can't tell ya if'n he's followed me layouts or decided to go his own way.
What I can show is some layouts from issue 2.
When I find out more, publishing date and all that kind of stuff I'll let you know.
When I see some of the finished art I'll show ya, but until then enjoy me layouts.
Ta fer now


Mark Buckingham said...

These layouts are terrific!!!
Great power and energy!

shane oakley said...


so, why the feck aren't you doing the whole book? these pencils are so finished for 'rough' layouts.

hope they don't bugger it up.

Gary Crutchley said...

Cheers chaps.
I'm slightly glad I'm not doing full pencils at the mo. I think me drawing hand would rebel at the thought of it.
Too much on and not enough time.