Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Fistfull of sketches

I've started the pencilling stage of issue 3 of 6 MONTHS. All the layouts are done and I've been sketching away at certain panels, trying to find what works and what doesn't.
I do dozens of rough sketches.
Once I find what I like, I'll get the old Light box out and refine the pencils.
But I thought I show you lot, a few of those pencil sketches.
Some will make into the final stage, while I may use a variation of others.
Sometimes it clicks straight away and a panel will work with no or little fiddling about.
While others, if I can't get it to work I'll start from scratch.


David said...

A fantastic slew of sketches my friend. You really are doing some serious amount of work!

Laughing Indio said...

Man you seriously work the shit out of those pencils and those chunks of shadow too,nice work!
Great crowds!

shane oakley said...


i love seeing your prelim stuff.

the method/process is really the meat of the thing - the rest is fancy pastry!.
and agen, you do damned fine moody-guy-in-chair.

Gary Crutchley said...

Cheers boys, means alot.
Trying to get all the main work done on these sketches so when I get to the light boxing stage it's easier to do.
Pity it don't always work out that way.