Friday, 4 December 2009

6 months...The inks

I finally finished all the inking and lettering of the first issue of 6 Months.
Took me a bit longer than I thought, but that was probably because I kept going back and tweeking it here and there.
Big mistake.
I'm happy with the result, and tried to be as conservative with the use of greys as I could.
I think it all works rather well even if I do say so meself.
If Insomnia publications do with this like they done with their other books, then a goodly sized preview of it will appear on their web site very soon.
As soon as it does I'll let you know.
Jim O'Hara, the writer is very pleased with, so I can relax a little,
but not too much, cuz I start issue 2 next week.
Oh well, can't complain.
See you next time.


shane oakley said...

gary. you deserve nothing but success with 6 MONTHS.
it's easily some of your best work to date;confident, cinematic, moody, just finely matured and ever-so skillfully rendered.
well done, mate.

Andy Bloor said...

I'll echo what Shane has already said, superb stuff and some of the best work I've seen from you. Can't wait to see it all printed up!

Gary Crutchley said...

Thankee kindly fer the praise, boys.
I'll strive to make the next one even better.