Wednesday, 26 November 2008

too tired to sketch

So...I walk through the front door after a gruelling shift at the "proper job" and the phone's ringing. It's me old mate Shane Oakley, all concerned and stressed. Concerned that we haven't had a chat for a while and stressed about this 16-page comic he's in the middle of. So we chat about this and that, mostly about comics and films (and speaking of films I thoroughly recommend Feast to everyone. It's a crackin old fashioned monster movie with laughs a plenty and loads of gore) and I listen on how his drawing is affecting his life, and I try to make some helpful and positive comments.
Shane does produce some of the most extraordinarily fine pages of comic art that you're ever likely to see, but he does suffer for his work. He's stressed when he's working and he's stressed when he's not.
Anyway, our talk gets around to this little blog and why there hasn't been an update for a while. So I tell him that after a full day at the proper job I'm too knackered to do any drawing. I sit in front of the TV and I'm nodding off. So he tells me of a neat little technique that he uses whilst watching the TV, and I'll be trying it out later, cheers mate.
But it got me thinking, when we'd said our goodbyes about doing a few new sketches.
So here we are, I got a bit carried away, it's amazing what you can do when you're in that zone.
Some I like, some not so much and others, I'm thinking where the hell did that come from.
I' don't have an idea what I'm gonna sketch at first, it starts with that first line and we could go anywhere, and even then it could change halfway through. but that is the beauty and joy of sketchin'.
So Mr Oakley, I hope this satisfies the art craving for a little while at least.


shane oakley said...

'neat little technique', that was the cocaine and speed i was talking about, yeah? no. sorry, not THAT technique...
GARY! these are SWEET! if you can do this kinda stuff when you're half-asleep and knackered, just think what you could do fully AWAKE!
especially like the bird and the little bald guy, and the monkey with a gun - and the giant thing with tiny legs you should do as a finished piece.

keep em coming, son, i hunger even more!

dribbs said...

cheers, mate I aim to please.
they'll be some more, no doubt in the next few days.

Dave said...

Hi Gary Look like you've been pretty busy with that sketching hand fella:) and your western stuff is looking great too, should be a really nice book when that one comes out. Yeah, proper job's do tend to come first don't they? Still, one day our comic art dream may come true eh? Talking of dreams, Shane's done a top class job with the script of the Cthulu really is a good un! It's making me push the boat out too...
cheers for now

shane oakley said...

no xmas blog post? you miserable bastard!
ps;happy crimbo!