Sunday, 29 June 2008

some stuff and doings

2nd post of this blogging lark, so I thought I tell where you can see some of my art.
Accentuk have the follow up of last year's popular book-Zombies (180 pages for 6 quid. What a bargain and what a crackin' book it is too). The new one is Robots, slightly more expensive at £8, but it's got a massive 200 pages.Loads of absolute corking tales in it. You can get it on the Accentuk site. So whatcha waiting for, go order a copy now, and I'm not just saying that because I'm in it.
I'm also on at Split Lip. A horror site run by a thoroughly top notch guy by the name of Sam Costello. He writes these crackin' tales and gets artists from around the globe to illustrate them.
My tale is being serialised at the moment, called Straw Men. Really enjoyed drawing it.
When you've finished here why don't you wonder on over. There's over 200 pages of various stories for you to enjoy.
Also showing the 2nd page of a western I'm working on. when this is finished it should number about 70-80 pages.
So not bad, eh for the 2nd Post.


shane oakley said...

pop that champagne! bake a big cake! smoke fat cigars! jump, dance, sing, frolic in the nude - cus gary's got himsen a blog!
bout time.
now learn to put links in yer posts, so folk can take a 'wonder' over to said sites, and post more of your splendid art, cus, i for one, know how much of it you've got stuffed in y cupboards.
..i warn y now, gary, this blog thing gets addictive, don't forget to save some time for sleeping and eating.
cheers, pardner! shane.

Librarian said...

Hey Gary,
Just passing through (prompted by your son there *wink*) and thought I'd have a peek at your art.
Tasty, tasty, very very Tasty!

Love the Western genre 'specially in it's darker moments (like Tommy Lee Jones' 'Missing') and look forward to being able to graba few graphics by yourself off the shelf.

dribbs said...

thank you Shane, I'll look forward to all your many comments.

And Librarian welcome, I hope you'll be regular. And I'll make sure that I'll post more western type pages